We have created this form to field the enormous amount of investment interest we have been receiving. Please note the following:

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  • I understand that by submitting this form, I am not committing to an investment in the presale. I will only be added to a list of potentially interested investors and will receive information about the presale when it is ready. This form is not an offer to purchase a SAFT in the presale. The presale will occur only in accordance with the offering documents for the presale, which will be available through direct communication with the company. Submitting this form is NOT a guarantee of allocation and not a binding commitment by me to purchase any interests in a SAFT when and if the presale occurs. In order to invest, I will need to submit a purchase agreement for the presale in accordance with the offering documents. I also understand that Solana is only asking for my ETH/BTC address for administrative purposes and will not send me any tokens unless I ultimately purchase a SAFT and the tokens are eventually distributed under the SAFT. Solana may check the contents of my wallet, but Solana will not otherwise use the information I provide until after I invest. Solana will not share my ETH/BTC address with any other party.