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Project Description

We realized that NFTs are a form of expression but unlike expression, NFTs are rigid. Most of the current NFT projects offer limited utility post-mint, and hence their relevance and floor price plummets after mint. We set out to change that with 3moji, where users can finally have control over how their NFT looks. Users start by minting a "base layer" and an accessory in order to combine them together to generate a “Meta NFT”. If you want to upgrade your avatar and change your look, you can simply sell the old accessory on the secondary market and that would reflect on your Meta NFT. The composed NFTcan also be used as stickers on web2 apps like Discord, Telegram, Whatsapp etc. Each 3moji is rendered in with multiple expressions (resembling the 20 most used emojis), and you can express yourself with your composed NFT. The accessory store is open for third party artists, creators, and influencers to come and create their own drops for 3moji avatars. The revenue generated by the accessory sale will go to the drop's creator, and their fans will finally have a way to stan them in real world and the Metaverse.

Additional Information

3moji is built by and on Meta Blocks, an open source protocol to build upgradeable and composable NFTs

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