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Badbeat Poker

Project Description

Introducing Badbeat poker club. With over 20 years experience in the online poker industry and software development. The time has come to bring our domain expertise to the decentralised world. And there is no better platform than Solana. Badbeat poker club is a decentralised, NFT fuelled, open source, poker community where the value is grown and retained by the community itself. Allowing its members to play and earn in a fun and safe environment. Whilst being rewarded with our native FIRE utility token, governance token, NFT’s and much more. To test Badbeat poker, visit and connect your Phantom wallet or download via the link provided in the connect flow. Please use Phantom wallets Devnet for this hackathon demo. Once connected (via devnet) users who own a membership pass will be directed to the poker lobby. Users without will be asked to mint a members pass via the minting flow, see demo video for a full walk through. From the poker lobby members can view the leaderboard and decide which table to sit at. After sitting at a table and playing their first hand, members will see the daily missions and be able to start competing and winning prizes. For a full walk through see our demo video: If you have questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Twitter: @BB_PokerClub Discord: Badbeat Poker Email:

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