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Degen Islands

Degen Islands

Project Description

We started Degen Islands because we wanted to create a play-to-earn game on Solana that anyone could pick up in just a couple of minutes. Our vision is to create a virtual world in which we can allow players to participate in a gold rush, and that means anyone can claim a piece of land - or an island in this case - and own all the resources that lay under their feet. Once the land has been mined, owners can craft buildings and items and turn their islands into their own paradise, explore other islands and trade with other degens. The best way to think of Degen Islands is Decentraland multiplied by Minecraft, with Solana added on top. You can play the demo at: W = forward S = Back A = Step left D = Step right Mouse to look around Left mouse to dig

Additional Information

Slide deck - Islands - Deck.pdf?dl=0 Twitter - Discord - Website -

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