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Project Description

We are integrating NFT trading into Discord and Telegram -- allowing selling, buying, and bidding without leaving a messaging app (through bots). It’s much easier and faster than using traditional NFT marketplaces/apps. We have an MVP and are now continuing to build out the bot for beta. Our hypothesis is that most NFT people hang out on Discord and Telegram, both in communities and private chats, and they want to trade NFTs between each other. Atm, it’s a tedious back-and-forth process with link/public key sharing and visiting external websites — I’m already bored, aren’t you? We, on the other hand, make it sexy. It’s also that you don’t have to adopt another website/app into your routine — most already use Telegram. We’re on a mission to make trading NFTs IZZY — for pros and for newbies. Testing instructions:

  1. Create bot and get a token (
  2. Download & install python 3
  3. Install libraries: pip install pyrogram solana theblockchainapi tgcrypto requests
  4. Download repository from GitHub (
  5. Put a token in BOT_TOKEN = " " in (must be line 14)
  6. Run it: python
Additional Information

One of our team members (Sasha/Alexandr) was at the Prague Hacker House. All of us were at the Moscow HH.

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