Project Description

Neptune is an on-chain money market aimed at powering the next generation of DeFi lending and borrowing. The creation of Neptune started from three core ideas, the first was a simple idea, building a product that we ourselves as DeFi natives wanted to use. Currently, lending and borrowing on Solana is very restrictive, and there aren't many features beyond the typical basic lending and borrowing flow. We aim to free up restrictions such as the infamous 5 position lending and borrowing limit and offer an array of money market products. The second key idea behind the formation of Neptune was due to our belief that current structures of governance, on-chain liquidity mining, and lack of token intrinsic value lead to a lower standard of quality in the current Solana DeFi ecosystem. Governance models can be abused without a proper vote escrow governance structure, many liquidity mining protocols are not on chain and do not have native support for reward distribution, and most protocol tokens have little to zero intrinsic value, leading to the collapse of their price in the long term. Thirdly, we wanted to facilitate greater composability within the ecosystem. We believe the manner in which our natively built vote escrow governance program, alongside its reward multiplier system will allow for a great deal of composability moving forward. The protocols products have this vision in mind, to allow for greater compatibility to other projects building in the space. Neptune stands out as great choice as a "DeFi primitive" in that the protocol offers a solid platform to build on top of. Forget the Curve wars, here come the Neptune wars! We wanted to solve these issues, as well as provide quality of life features such as collateral swapping, position scaling solutions, a clean and intuitive UI, and top-level end user experience. Our devnet demo is live at Testing Instructions: Please navigate to the Airdrop tab and airdrop yourself whichever tokens you wish to use in the protocol. Use your newly airdropped tokens to lend, borrow, stake NEP, or engage in collateral swapping!

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