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Sol Glyph: (The First) Deep Learning Smart Contract

Sol Glyph: (The First) Deep Learning Smart Contract

Project Description

Sol Glyph is the first on-chain deployment of a trained deep learning model to a blockchain. Large scale NFT collections today require talent but are still constrained to template skeletons. Sol Glyph uses a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) to create unique images of fictitious people but can be easily repurposed to create landscapes, art pieces, pet photos, etc. This implementation not only demonstrates the incredible speed & flexibility of the Solana platform but also creates commercial opportunities for creatives breaking into the NFT space. Please find a working prototype at or check the repository README for details on how to host an independent implementation.

Additional Information

Please note that Sol Glyph depends on the Solana feature "transaction wide compute cap" (5ekBxc8itEnPv4NzGJtr8BVVQLNMQuLMNQQj7pHoLNZ9), which is scheduled for release with v1.9.9 but has not yet been accepted into devnet, testnet, or mainnet at the time of submission. My demo is currently supported by a single solana-test-validator node, so please be patient with respect to image loading.

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