No more intermediaries. Just you and your customer.

The suite of solutions built on Solana transforms payments beyond simple transactions, offering opportunities to cultivate unforgettable relationships with your customers.

in credit card fees saved by Solana Mobile, by using Helio’s Solana Pay x Shopify Plugin

active users in Boba Guys’ Solana-powered loyalty program

per transaction, total, in fees

Boba Guys

A better experience for businesses and customers

Solana is built for enabling web3-native commerce experience. Settle payments in milliseconds instead of days, earn high yield on your USD stablecoins, and work directly with your customers by building on-chain loyalty programs, rewards, and more.

Solana in Action

Boba Guys: Next-generation customer loyalty

The popular NYC and California-based tea shop chain is building a customer loyalty program using Solana. Boba Guys will be using Solana’s fast speeds. low fees, and state compression technology to offer real time rewards for customers.

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Solana In Action

Solana Pay x Shopify: Bringing stablecoin payments to ecommerce

Built for instant transactions and near-zero fees, Solana Pay is available to millions of businesses as an approved app integration on Shopify from Helio.

Connect Business to Business


Learn how to pay more granularly to more places.

Vendor payments

Set up low-cost vendor payments to or from anywhere in the world — even with multiple vendors.

Finance and accounting

See a suite of lending, renting, and other liquidity infrastructure built on top of a transparent system.

Get closer to your customers with Commerce powered by Solana.