Project Description

Gotok is the easiest way to spend crypto online and in-store by issuing virtual cards backed by USDC in your wallet

Additional Information

We have sent an invite to to all the github repos in our organization . Please accept our invite to see the repos we worked on for this hackathon. I am including here for reference: | Frontent app built in flutter for Mobile, Macos, Web and PWA | Nodejs backend for card issuing | Nodejs backend client for solana, used for authorizing and signing transactions | Solana card program for managing funding of wallet Our app is available on devnet. To test, visit and login with an email or import wallet We currently only support USDC as the native token so you can request airdrop to fund your wallet and test Swapping is currently not available on devnet. However this works only on mainnet. We leverage jupiter aggregator for swapping to USDC Create a card and fund it USDC that has been airdropped into your wallet

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