Maki - Vending Experiences

Maki - Vending Experiences

Project Description

Maki provides vending machine experiences powered by Solana Pay for user acquisition, token gated purchases and discounts, and a turn-key approach for small businesses seeking to accept crypto in exchange for their goods/services.

Additional Information The idea for Maki was born on August 2nd when I bought a ~really old (circa 1980's)~ vending machine from an office closing down in Silicon Valley. Knowing nothing about vending machines, and little about hardware, I embarked on converting this vending machine from accepting analog to digital, touch-less payment methods. On the software side, we are leveraging existing Solana POS APIs and Solana Pay compatible technologies to power payments via a mobile application. In a matter of days, I was getting electronic components shipped to my garage and learning about new protocols that I'd use to communicate between my mobile interface and the vending machine. Just 14 days later, I've come to agreements with 2 spaces in San Francisco that will be adopting Maki machines: the "Founders Inc" office permanently (in a few days), and "Atlas Cafe" for one-off events (ie. Trilema Solana multi-chain event on 8/30). I am working on a third agreement to deploy Maki machines at up to 3 locations in partnership with Launch House. The first of these three Launch House machines will be deployed at Launch House's Kick Off Event and NEW house in San Francisco - in early September. In short, this passion project has quickly grown into an agency that will launch vending experiences that can onboard new consumers and businesses, as well as engage existing web3 natives in projects they're already a part of.

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