The Creators

Anatoly Yakovenko

Anatoly is the creator of Solana. He led development of operating systems at Qualcomm, distributed systems at Mesosphere, and compression at Dropbox. He holds 2 patents for high performance Operating Systems protocols, was a core kernel developer for BREW which powered every CDMA flip phone (100m+ devices), and led development of tech that made Project Tango (VR/AR) possible on Qualcomm phones.

Greg Fitzgerald

Greg is the principal architect and CTO of Solana. Greg has explored the full landscape of embedded systems. He created a bidirectional RPC bridge between C and Lua for the BREW operating system, helped launch the ARM backend for the LLVM compiler toolchain, and published a variety of open source projects including a streaming LLVM optimizer in Haskell, license analysis tooling in Python, and a reactive web framework in TypeScript. If you have time to burn, ask him “Why Rust?” We dare you.

Raj Gokal

Raj leads operations, product, and finance. He has spent 10 years in product management and finance. He was a venture investor at General Catalyst, started the consumer medical device company Sano which attracted over $20m in investment, and led product management at Omada Health as it grew tenfold.

Eric Williams, PhD

Eric heads data science and token economics. He studied particle physics at Berkeley and received his PhD from Columbia while Higgs hunting at CERN. He completed a postdoc in Medical Physics at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and later led data science at Omada Health.

Stephen Akridge

Stephen spends all his time in the codebase. He has 10 years of critical GPU optimization expertise at Qualcomm and Intel. He led the GPU backend that constantly beat Nvidia.

Michael Vines

Michael spent 14 years at Qualcomm, rapidly rising from Engineer to Senior Director. He was founder and VP of Engineering of AI startup Silk Labs. He uses foot pedals when coding. Michael holds 3 patents.

Jeff Levy

Jeff handles operations and finance. He was previously VP of Operations at Aclima, after founding and selling CareAtHand. Previously, he had ops roles at Twitter and Google.

Jack May

Jack joins us after 17 years at Qualcomm where he‘s had his hands in many areas, starting with BREW kernel and CDMA development, to developing for and leading teams in Qualcomm‘s Advanced Tech Department.

Tyera Eulberg

Tyera has spent close to 10 years as a developer, most recently at PS Audio International, where she wrote software from the physical to application layer for audio products.

Dominic Tsang

Dom was an early contributor to our Telegram channel and has experience advising blockchain funds as well as managing communities for several open source blockchain projects. He has extensive experience as a project manager.

Carl Lin

Carl graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a degree in Computer Science and spent years at Microsoft. Carl has advised and worked with blockchain-focused hedge funds and was an early contributor to Solana‘s open source codebase.

Dan Albert

Dan spent 5 years working at Qualcomm where he led the effort to build the software interface for one of the world‘s first 5G-capable radios. Before joining Solana, Dan was working in Antarctica, installing wireless equipment at field camps around the continent.

Trent Nelson

Trent brings 11 years of development experience in embedded systems and systems engineering. Most recently building automated trading systems for cryptocurrency markets and previously maintaining Android AOSP and XBMC mediacenter based OTT set top box firmware. Trent holds a degree in computer engineering from Purdue University.

Justin Starry

Justin started his career at Twitter building mobile SDKs for Crashlytics and scaling web services for Periscope. He left to spend extended time in Taiwan and Japan where he began his self-study in Mandarin, Cantonese, and Japanese. He is the maintainer of the popular Rust web framework, Yew.

Asia Fox

Asia comes to us having previously developed her administrative and office managerial skills in the medical and architectural fields. She holds two degrees in public relations and merchandising, and continues to take classes in art, design, and technology.

Austin Virts

Austin is an experienced digital marketer who is deeply passionate about decentralization and technology. After running a creative agency in Boulder, Colorado, Austin moved to San Francisco to help lead the marketing efforts at Origin Protocol. Austin now helps with content, growth, and marketing at Solana. Since moving to San Francisco, Austin has picked up surfing. You can either find him in the ocean or at the office.

Ryan Shea

Ryan Shea is a student who has been involved with technology in one way or another for the past ten years. When he‘s not looking at a screen, you can see him on stage, behind a camera, or on a plane.

Ryo Onodera

Ryo has grown up with computers while excited about the impacts of them over society, believing in open-source, and now in decentralization. His broad interest from SIMD to hairline borders resulted in a wide experience of a high-profile Ruby website, a Ruby interpreter, and the gecko in Firefox. He enjoys Ubuntu on Macbook Pro, and types through a custom complex state machine.

Alevtina Yakovenko

Alevtina has 10 years of experience in marketing and business development, most recently in BMW Group Russia. She enjoys a combination of communication and technology. Alevtina speaks 3 languages, has a degree in Economics and continues to study programming.

Li Ang

Li graduated from The University of Hong Kong with a master’s degree in journalism. He is a serial entrepreneur who enjoys both investment and art. In the past three years, he has translated a large number of documents of blockchain projects and helped them build communities and hold events in Chinese market. He is passionate about a decentralized future.

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