FORMAT Festival x Solana Foundation

Experience the future of art and tech — all in one place.

Enter the Solana House at the FORMAT Festival to get free snacks with crypto-powered digital vouchers, immerse yourself in world-renowned artist Nancy Baker Cahill’s first-ever Solana NFT exhibit, and participate in an NFT auction.

Coming to Bentonville, AR September 23-25, 2022.

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Celebrate Solana + FORMAT Festival 2022 by redeeming a mystery NFT. No crypto experience required!

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Concessions with Crypto

Free snacks with a scan! Use the Solana House x FORMAT digital vouchers to get some tasty treats, powered by TipLink — while supplies last.

Slipstream NFT Experience

Storied new media artist Nancy Baker Cahill is exhibiting 10 exclusive NFTs at Solana House — which will be auctioned off to the public with help from Magic Eden. See the auction.

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