Validate on Solana

Compensation Registration Process

Please complete the steps below to be eligible for token compensation for validation services on Solana’s Tour de SOL and Mainnet Beta networks.

Solana’s networks are permissionless and therefore anyone can begin running a validator node at any time. Registration and KYC are required to receive compensation from the Solana Foundation until a time when inflation and network rewards might be enabled. Please note that U.S. entities and individuals are not eligible to receive compensation at this time.

  1. Tour de SOL (TdS) Registration Form
    • Registration and successful participation in at least one stage of TdS is a requirement before becoming eligible for compensation on Mainnet Beta
    • More info on Tour de SOL <tdslink>here</tdslink>
  2. KYC/AML (via Passbase)
    • If you’ve completed KYC/AML previously for SLP or TdS with the same entity/individual on Coinlist or Passbase, then you will not need to go through this again.
    • We cannot accept U.S. entities or individuals for KYC or compensation
  3. Complete Participation Agreement
    • Please use the same email address as used for Passbase identity verification
  4. Join Our Discord
    • Requirement for all validators, as this is our primary communication channel for technical discussions, network announcements and upgrades, etc

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