Secure the ledger. Earn SOL.

Decentralize the network by providing computing resources to validate transactions or storage for ledger redundancy.

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Staking & Validation

Stake tokens and earn rewards by processing and validating transactions. Earn commissions by managing delegated tokens on behalf of others.

Meet Our Validators

Testnet Competition

Build a node to improve on performance and uptime in a global event and help launch Solana. Earn token staking and managing others’ tokens on mainnet.

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Bug Bounty Program

At Solana, one of our top priorities is the security and safety of the network. We welcome security researchers to submit bug reports, so the Solana team can evaluate vulnerabilities.


Over 5.5B

transactions processed since March 2020. Help validate the fastest blockchain in the world.


per transaction. Capture transaction fees as a validator.

Global Validators. Join our cohort of elite network experts.

Become a validator and get tokens.

Without validators, the Solana cluster cannot exist. Help maintain the integrity of the ledger and earn rewards while doing so.


Protocol Based Rewards

Issuances from a global, protocol-defined, inflation rate. These rewards will constitute the total reward delivered to replication and validation clients, the remaining sourced from transaction fees.

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Transaction Fees

Transaction fees are market-based p2p transfers, attached to network interactions for a state execution or proof-of-replication verification.

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Stakers are rewarded for helping to validate the ledger. They do this by delegating their stake to validator nodes. Those validators do the legwork of replaying the ledger and send votes to a per-node vote account to which stakers can delegate their stakes. The rest of the cluster uses those stake-weighted votes to select a block when forks arise.

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How to Validate on Solana

Anyone can run a validator node on Solana’s permissionless testnet and Mainnet Beta networks!

  • To get started, check out our docs on the <techlink>technical requirements and steps to start your own node.</techlink>
  • We have a very active community of validators on our <discordlink>Discord server.</discordlink> This is the best place to get technical support and ask questions.

Participate in Tour de SOL to be eligible for Validator compensation

Solana’s networks are permissionless and therefore anyone can begin running a validator node at any time. Registration and KYC are required to receive compensation from the Solana Foundation. Please note that U.S. entities and individuals are not eligible to receive compensation at this time.

Step 1. Register

  • Follow the <strong>four step</strong> process outlined in the link above for registration, KYC/AML, participation agreement, and Discord onboarding.

Step 2. Participate in Tour de SOL

  • Stages kick off monthly; after registration see <stagelink>here</stagelink> for the latest stage information (including details regarding compensation, bug bounties, etc).

Step 3. Join Mainnet Beta

  • After successfully participating in a stage of Tour de SOL, you will be eligible to onboard to Mainnet Beta.
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Ready to start? Click the link below.

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Discuss with other validators and the Solana team.

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Not ready to run a node? Want to keep updated with Solana’s progress?