We’re back.

The Solana Foundation is sponsoring Lollapalooza again. This time, it’ll be bigger — and better — than ever.

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Start your crypto journey and get entry to Solana’s Dopamine compound at Lollapalooza 2022.

Join this magical journey

This is your chance to hold a piece of Lollapalooza and become part of the exclusive community.

Unlock your <strong>Dopamine</strong> by collecting all <strong>4 Collections</strong> in 2022.

1 collection released each day of Lollapalooza at the Solana Compound (our activation near the Solana x Perry's stage)

Scan tags. Collect NFTs. Win big.

Find redemption tags around the Solana Compound at Lollapalooza and scan them with your phone. If you scan them all, you can redeem for VIP passes, exclusive experiences, swag, and more!

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This is Solana.

With fast transactions, low energy impact, and fees that are a fraction of a cent, Solana is quickly becoming home to many NFT projects.

NFT Volume

20.3M+ NFTs on Solana

Find your community. Try out some of the most popular NFT marketplaces.

Explore the ecosystem

Empowers creators of all kinds to quickly launch their own storefront, mint NFTs with minimal cost, and auction their work directly to their fans.


Phantom is a non-custodial wallet that allows you to store and interact with decentralized applications running the Solana blockchain.

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Magic Eden

Magic Eden is the most popular marketplace to buy, sell, and discover Solana NFTs.

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Holaplex is a powerful platform that enables creators of all kinds to construct and mint new Solana NFTs.

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