Project Description

About Apostro is a risk management platform that prevents economical smart contract exploits by enforcing safe economical restrictions. The platform assesses a business impact of a transaction by:

  • checking risk management violations like an unfavorable price and significant market impact;
  • predicting a new state of SC by comparing it to the result of a transaction emulated in the side SC built using a domain-specific language (DSL). It then notifies developers about found discrepancies. If required, Apostro runs fully on-chain and rejects all malicious transactions. Why you built it When we worked in our previous DeFi company, our smart contract got hacked, and we lost $2M. Even two security audits didn't help us to save clients' money. It became apparent that the existing approach for crypto security isn't enough for DeFi: audits do not protect from unknown attacks and are often superficial. So we decided to take an approach from the hedge fund industry: use risk management to spot anomalies in transactions. Such an approach is attack exhaustive and minimizes an impact from new types of attack. Testing instructions [1] Open https://explorer.apostro.xyz. [2] Pick "Wormhole ETH Pool" from shortcuts. Press "Show alerts". [3] Click the 1st alert from the "Anomaly Alerts" list. [4] Check out details of the Wormhole hack.
Additional Information

Website for clients – https://apostro.xyz

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