Bidali - Global Spending With Solana

Bidali - Global Spending With Solana

Project Description

Enabling people to spend crypto directly for goods and services is the catalyst to the next phase of mainstream adoption. Enabling people to spend at brands they care about using stablecoins on fast, low-cost, open payment rails is a huge leap forward but the challenge has always been getting brands to adopt. By enabling people to buy gift cards and mobile airtime we're able to quickly and easily enable people to convert the value locked in stablecoins into tangible things at thousands of brands worldwide without extra costs. This is the first step in the future of P2P and direct to consumer commerce and has made it much easier for us to have discussions with brands about direct integrations that remove user friction and improve the brand experience. Lots more coming!! To test out our Solana hackathon submission you have 2 options:

  1. Go to Buy, pay with your favourite wallet and redeem your gift card.
  2. Using Phantom wallet. Click on the dApp browser and navigate to Then buy, pay and redeem. You can view a video here:
Additional Information

We posted a Twitter showing it off and highlighting the integration with ecosystem partners. Our own payments system powers our gift card e-commerce store at, which was a way for us to be our own merchant and dog-food the tech. We're now getting ready to roll out the payments tech to other businesses and a cool spin on gift cards, payments and NFTs.

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