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Project Description

CHESSFi is a web3 based chess with GameFi and LearnFi elements. I started this project with a vision to get more people excited web3 using chess. Because of chess has been popular for generations. ChessFi is also built on the premise of a future where more and more people will be spending time on the metaverse. Many people will have their own rooms in the Metaverse, where they can decorate the same style as in the real world or unique digital style. So we figured out Metaverse needs interior, and we decided to build ChessFi because we thought it would be good to have hobbies to make the time spent on the metaverse meaningful and games that many people could play together.

Additional Information

I am currently planning to leave Japan to incorporate in another country for the CHESSFi token sale and NFT sale. Also, currently the production of the NFT has already been completed with the help of a designer friend of mine, so we are ready to sell it immediately. Here is a game currently in production in PlayCanvas.

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