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Project Description

Clubverse is a web3 platform for creators and their communities. Users can access exclusive communities with limited edition NFTs. Creators can offer all sorts of perks and services directly from the platform to their users, or open them up to the public. Clubverse offers the entire process for creating NFT communities very easily. Clubs are stored on-chain and are censorless. We built this solution as creators are a fast-growing market that only has access to web2 tools, that are centralized; they regulate the content and the revenue streams, so they're in direct control of a creators' livelihood. Also, users are only treated as consumers. Clubverse allows creators to become more independent, and opens alternative monetization streams, in addition, users are treated as investors, where time and money spent on a creator can reward fans with more than just gratitude. As for some technical details, our project is a monorepo made up of two basic folders: aws and web folders. Smart contract and sdk folders haven't been included for this hackathon. AWS folder is our backend that is a REST Api implemented using ExpressJS. It runs as a serverless app on AWS Lambda. Application state is stored in DynamoDB and modeled using Dyngoose. Web folder contains the Clubverse web app. This is a static site made with React and Gatsby. In case you want to test the website first, you need to create a .env file in the web directory with the following variables: TARGET_BUCKET_NAME=oyga-community-bucket TARGET_ADDRESS= AWS_REGION=eu-central-1 GATSBY_SOLANA_NETWORK=devnet GATSBY_SOLANA_RPC_HOST= GATSBY_SOLANA_EXPLORER= GATSBY_OAUTH_TWITTER= Once you have created this file, you need to execute the following commands: yarn install yarn start You will be executing the website using as backend our own lambda server In case you want to test the backend also, first you need to install and setup the aws cli and claudia. Then, execute the following commands: yarn install yarn deploy A README has been written in every folder for further information

Additional Information

You can find us in Twitter (@clubverseio), the project started at the beginning of February and the MVP was functional for the Prague Hacker House. The idea behind the project is to bring web2 users to web3 in a simple and straight-forward way, create those aha moments and introduce them to web3, so they can explore and enjoy.

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