Project Description

As cryptocurrency power users, we've all been approached by that friend or family member and asked 'so what crypto should I buy?'. It's a reasonable question, for the most part, the average person doesn't understand even basic concepts of crypto, let alone know what to buy, when to buy & how to go about doing it. This inspired us to build an application that guides users to start their crypto investing journey in a smart, safe and intuitive way. We see a unique opportunity in onboarding the average person that is interested in crypto but doesn't really know how to get started into the Solana ecosystem. What it does The app is a decentralized investment companion that is designed to bring new retail investors into crypto in a fun, educational and straightforward way. The sleek interface allows users to select tokens to invest in from a range of categories from Gaming to Layer 1's. Using Solana, Sollet & Serum, the entire experience is decentralized in an Angular web application that can be accessed on any device, anywhere in the world. We offer direct fiat on-ramp with Credit Card, wire transfers, and other options. We also cater to crypto beginners who might only know MetaMask by offering a USDC ramp from Ethereum to Solana using our modified Wormhole portal. The app’s built-in ‘Companion’ interacts with users educating & guiding them to invest in a portfolio of favorable tokens using our smart portfolio construction algorithm. The portfolio is rated based on sectoral diversification, strategic asset allocation & market capitalization diversification. Users can confidently use to buy any crypto-asset, no matter the market situation.

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