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Project Description

Description of your project, CryptoPay is a merchant gateway dedicated to retail shops and merchants, users can leverage cryptos for hard cash just like an ATM. Using our dApp users can pay using barcode and SNS type services. Dedicated links for payment can also be generated in order to make custom payments. Why you built it, We feel there is very little mass penetration happening in the real word market. Using this platform we feel that people can bring crypto into the mainstream and accept payments in the form of crypto mode over fiat currency in the real world. Also comparing the traditional yield methods this platform will give them open access to various opportunities to earn and store their funds in a decentralised way. Testing instructions. Create Wallet (just like we do in metamask) Click on pay/generate code Enter amount and scan to pay from users wallet On admin dashboard there will be options to accept payment and check history of payments Merchant dashboard is able to create dedicated static barcodes to accept the payments. Users can scan it and pay by authenticating the transaction. For seamless UX we have kept the GUI very initiative and simple.

Additional Information

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