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Project Description

Our application benefits two groups of audiences:

  1. Crypto holders on Solana - our crypto payment processor allows users to purchase real-world products using crypto by simply connecting their DeFi wallet (ex. Phantom); the user only pays a trivial amount of gas fee (<$0.005) during the transaction, hence significantly reducing the friction. The user can access the merchants that support DeLiquid Pay through the directory on their dashboard. We are also building a DeFi credit score system in which the calculation is based on the users’ on-chain activities (including payments). This credit score system plays a fundamental role in our later plan of releasing the market’s first fully crypto-credit card (credits in crypto), which can only be used to make purchases from our verified merchants (think of AMEX).

  2. Small and medium merchants - with our payment api, merchants can easily integrate DeLiquid Pay to their website and start to accept cryptos. As the transaction will be settled within a second (nature of Solana) without any processing fee, it becomes a faster and cheaper solution than the traditional payment system. We will also provide merchants the option to convert their received cryptos into stablecoins in order to prevent fluctuation in cryptos’ prices. Furthermore, we will facilitate the compliance process (taxes etc.) as well as helping the merchants to convert the cryptos/stablecoins into fiat currencies (ex. USD). Why? We built our project because of our passion and dedication in the vision of blockchain technology reshaping our financial system to a more efficient and inclusive way. With the scalability and strong community provided by Solana, we believe DeLiquid will be the key to democratize cryptos for all. Testing instructions: please watch our video first, and then you can visit to test our product

Additional Information

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