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Delphor Finance

Delphor Finance

Project Description

Delphor Finance - A smart way to invest! Delphor is a capital-efficient, oracle-based, multi-point Liquidity Provider and Portfolio Manager protocol for Solana. Nowadays there are two options in Market choices for Solana, AMMs like ORCA & Saber, and the decentralized, order-book based Serum DEX (Raydium, Bonfida, Atrix). The problem with AMMs and Serum is capital inefficiency. In AMMs pair-based pools the liquidity gets fragmented, and in Serum, placing an order implies locking your funds for a specific operation until it's executed. At Delphor, we introduce a new way of providing liquidity to solve these problems: by using a multi-point pool to provide liquidity, we avoid its fragmentation, while there are no funds blocked for any particular operation, allowing a wider availability of liquidity. Also, we designed the Automated Portfolio Manager, a tool that utilizes all the advantages of the multi-point LP and use them to compose your desired crypto portfolio automatically while, at the same time, you're earning the swap fees for being a Liquidity Provider. What makes Delphor unique Currently, if you use a standard liquidity pool, as a provider you must deposit both tokens for a pair traded (e.g. mSOL/USDC) and the tokens can only be swapped with each other. On the other hand, using an OrderBook Based Serum DEX, whenever you make an order for any pair of tokens, your funds get locked in that position until it's completed (or canceled). In Delphor we changed that. Delphor allows you to use a single Vault to provide liquidity to multiple tokens in order to collect swap fees, so, with any pair of desired tokens a trader can swap between. At the same time, none of the funds are locked waiting for a transaction. Additionally, none of the tokens provided in Delphor's multi-point Vault are locked, so they can be traded or withdrawn at any moment. Furthermore, in Delphor we developed the Automated Portfolio Manager, an investment tool capable of leveraging in the multi-point Liquidity Provider features which allows the user to set his desired crypto portfolio composition, and the system will automatically provide liquidity so the user will collect fees while the desired portfolio is achieved. This new way of smart-investing is what makes Delphor unique. Testing Delphor Link: Devnet Airdrop - In order to be able to test the platform during the Riptide Hackathon, we deployed a beta version in devnet and added the "Get Test Tokens" button. By clicking this button, an airdrop for 1 or 0.1 or 0.01 of each token is realized in the connected wallet, which can be used to test the site. Great! Now, having the test tokens you can start using Delphor! Try making a Swap or becoming a Multipoint Liquidity Provider.

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