Project Description

Mission: Build a Web3 all-scenario data infrastructure platform covering on-chain and off-chain data, and provide all-scenario data solution services for the entire industry We will become the snowflake of web3, dedicated to the ease of use of data analysis We are the Web3 full-scenario data infrastructure service platform

  1. Build an easier-to-use and more complete underlying data warehouse, including full on-chain and off-chain data, to create a high-quality data-based product for the entire industry
  2. On the basis of the data warehouse, productize the data usage logic, and build a data product matrix from PaaS to DaaS to SaaS
  3. Focus on and refine full-scenario solutions for industry-wide data problems by gathering experienced data analysts
  4. Integrate existing advantages and build an industry-wide data-driven solution service platform
Additional Information

We expect to go online in the second quarter of this year and plan to integrate some existing infrastructures of Solana, such as pyth and serum.

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