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GDT - Gaming Asset Platform

GDT - Gaming Asset Platform

Project Description

At GDT, we position ourselves as a lifestyle and gaming studio creating digital products. In our daily activities, we work with Influencers, producing Influencer Centric Games (ICG) - mobile games focused on creators. On the one hand, there is a new platform for interaction between fans and influencers, and on the other - new tools for monetization. From the business side, we use the Creator's marketing leverage - shifting to Influencers most of the marketing activity and reaching influencers’ fans. These numbers (of fans) are huge but still limited in advance. Therefore, our scaling strategy includes creating games in series. This means that we will be creating new versions of the base games, with new Influencers in. different countries—games with similar mechanics but with new Influencers, with personalized design and overall feeling. The cost of creating the next version of the game is about 30% of the cost of producing it from scratch. Thanks to this, the GDT games ecosystem will soon contain several or several dozen titles. The next step in the company’s development will also be producing a larger, more extended title of a multiplayer game with their own economy. What we strive for when creating our products is the users' time spent with them (which directly translates into revenues). We want users to spend time with GDT products, not only by playing games. And here comes a new value proposition in the GDT product portfolio - Gaming Asset Platform, which will introduce gamification elements beyond the games themselves and make users even more familiar with GDT products. The GDT ecosystem is an ideal space for introducing digital products in the form of NFTs. As part of the platform, we tokenize the assets of individual games in the form of NFT. We provide tools for their purchase, acquisition, or trade. And thanks to the introduction of our own token - GDT - we create settlement mechanisms and the possibility of creating yield generation. The utility of NFT tokens will be executed in three main areas: Multigame assets - Use master NFT assets between mobile games from GDT ecosystem and further Asset Licensing Pool - Invest into assets from the particular game assets available to in-app purchases. Brand Treasures - The NFT utility dedicated to automating the product placement processes within mobile games. For the Riptide hackathon, we have developed a demo / MVP of the GDT platform app, where you can test the process of purchasing and implementing NFT into the game. Then when launching the game, you will be notified that you have received the NFT. To see your NFT, just select the cart icon in the main menu and then select the NFT you bought in the app from the list. Now you can start playing. Go back to the main menu and start the game to use the bonuses that the acquired NFT item gives you. Then go back to the GDT app and check other NFTs! The demo / MVP was created by implementing the Stardust technology for Solana Blockchain. Check our deck: Download the platform APK (Android only): Download the ready to implement NFT game APK (Android only): Check our GitHub (invites only, - invited):

Additional Information

Please. Check our deck: Download the platform APK (Android only): Download the ready to implement NFT game APK (Android only): Check our GitHub (invites only, - invited): Check first of our public product (iOS, Android):

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