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Project Description

Gene is ultra-realistic P2E game in the genre of Life simulator, based on the laws of Genetics and blockchain technologies. Studying the existing P2E games, we saw that many of them were created not by game developers, but by specialists in the field of finance and blockchain. Which undoubtedly leaves an imprint on the gameplay, graphics and the general level of most modern crypto games. In most P2E games at the moment, we see simplified gameplay and simple cartoon graphics, which also does not contribute to the maximum immersion in the world of the Metaverse, but even these games bring an average daily turnover of more than $3.8Bn and have a capitalization of more than $21.8Bn. (Feb 2022) We have seen a growing demand for P2E games and have seen some weaknesses in today's crypto games. We thought that we should offer crypto players a completely new type of game. We didn't want to create a blockchain tool in a game wrapper! We wanted to make an advanced GAME that would integrate blockchain tools

Additional Information

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