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Incept Protocol

Incept Protocol

Project Description

Incept is the most capital efficient and user friendly synthetic asset protocol in DeFi. Synthetic asset DEXs bring multiple asset classes to DeFi and are meant to make investing in such assets globally accessible. Although synthetic assets are powerful, their potential has been limited by the capital inefficiencies of liquidity in modern synthetic assets DEXs. These DEXs traditionally give liquidity providers two unwhelming options for contributing liquidity. The first option is for a liquidity provider to establish an over collateral position to mint a synthetic asset and provide it as liquidity. This option is an inefficient use of the liquidity provider’s capital. Therefore, many liquidity providers opt for the second option instead, to purchase the synthetic asset from the pool in order to provide their liquidity. This choice is more efficient for the liquidity provider, but unhealthy for the protocol, and contributes to inflating synthetic asset prices as well as increasing the volatility of price movements. Incept is here to solve these dilemmas with our novel comet liquidity system. Comets on Incept allow liquidity providers to choose a single asset out of a variety of collateral asset options to back a concentrated position with double the efficiency of Uniswap V3. In addition, with our focus on UX, we are dedicated to building a DEX that makes traders feel as if they were trading assets on a CEX. Thus, Incept presents the most familiar and capital efficient trading experience in DeFi. A link to a PDF with helpful information for running the demo on our github can be found in the answer to the next question.

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