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Infinity Cube

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Accomplishments that we are proud of We joined the hackathon very late and only had about 8 days to design, code, and implement. Nevertheless, we are super proud to have built a fully functional, practical opensource SOO mechanism that can contribute in so many ways to the whole ecosystem: Defi, NFTs, Web 3, and Gaming. What we Learned In the past week building Infinity Cube, we learned how far you could go if you deeply care about something, have a clear vision, and have the skill and persistence to build it. We also learned a lot about geocoding and leveraging Solana to do pretty cool stuff. What's next for Infinity Cube

  1. Product Giant Leaps are taking in a successive of fast, continuous, and decisive small steps to our end goal of reducing counterfeit to $0.00 and bridging Physical Goods and Web 3. The first step is to Beta Test so we can discover things we don't know we don't know yet. We are in talks with Waku, a beverage company that creates a meaningful impact on the livelihoods of thousands of Ecuadorian farmers while bringing products that help improve customers' health. We aim to provide Waku with
  • A way of helping thousands of farmers in Ecuador build a trustable record that can be leveraged to increase their business.
  • A way for customers to verify the origin of the beverages and parties involved in its production, thus elevating their brand recognition and trust We are actively looking to partner with a company that suffers significantly from counterfeits goods. For example, Nike loses ~470 million to counterfeited Shoes in the U.S. We already made the first point of contact with someone working in the Metaverse division; however, do the scale at which the company operates, we want to have our Proof of Concept before we demo it to Nike. If you know of any companies that might be interesting in collaborating, reach out to us via. We are very confident in Beta testing with several companies simultaneously and still offer state-of-the-art performance and custom support as our platform is scalable by design.
  1. Technical: SOO V2, Cross-Platform Mobile App, Desktop App, SMS uploading to the Blockchain. AI to check for anomalies and ensure the quality of the data been fed to the Blockchain. For more information, please refer to our slide deck. Refer to our slide deck. Built With Rust, JavaScript, TypeScript, React
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