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Juicy Punks

Juicy Punks

Project Description

Juicy Punk is a fever dream-themed endless runner drawing inspiration from viral hits like Flappy Bird and Nyan Cat. The game features a character running across a side-scrolling landscape, avoiding obstacles, and a level design that incorporates run count for scoring, represented by $JUICE tokens for burning to unlock new levels. We built this game to see how we could create an economy that isn't based on user growth but instead on leaderboard ranking and creating scarcity around level unlocks. To play the game, you need to connect your Phantom wallet. After you connect your wallet, you need to scroll down a little to see the game embed. Then, click on the game's box to update the target and ensure that the page doesn't scroll down when you press the space bar. That's it, play as many times as you want to accumulate a high enough score to rank on the leaderboard and earn level unlock rights.

Additional Information

All relevant links can be found on the's the GitHub:

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