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Little Atlas

Little Atlas

Project Description

Little Atlas is an NFT experiment, in which we break up the world into millions of square NFT tiles, which will be the basis for hundreds of local crypto communities around the world. Web3 is a growing global movement that is almost entirely detached from geography. Whilst it’s easy to join communities and DAOs by niche, whether it’s DeFi, music or PFP communities - it’s hard to find and connect with web3 creatives, builders and enthusiasts local to your area. Little Atlas is an NFT-based social network that makes it easy to put your social profile on the world map and connect with interesting people nearby. Just like PFP NFTs enable us to express elements of our identity in the Metaverse, Little Atlas NFTs enable us to express our geographic identity. Where we live, where we hang out and other places that we love. We started Little Atlas because finding people in your local community who are also interested in the web3 space is hard! There are some existing meetup groups, however, these events are difficult to discover for beginners and non-existent for users who live in smaller cities and towns with fewer crypto advocates. Check out our Litepaper for more info:

Additional Information

Little Atlas website: Little Atlas App: Litepaper: Discord: Twitter: Medium: LinkedIn: YouTube: Our frontend GitHub repo: (we only linked the Solana repo in the previous box)

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