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LP Finance

LP Finance

Project Description

LP Finance is an interest-free borrowing protocol on Solana. Users can borrow lpUSD (USD Pegged Stablecoin) and lpSOL (SOL Pegged Stablecoin) after depositing collateral. SOL, lpUSD, lpSOL, USDC, BTC, and mSOL are supported for collateral on devnet.

For liquidation, users can provide liquidity to the auction pool, which will use the funds to liquidate vaults every time the account exceeds liquidation threshold to create compounded profit on lpUSD. Our team built LP Finance to enhance borrowing experience and quality of algorithmic stablecoin using new concepts such as type-free repayment, non-fiat stablecoin and democratized liquidation. Also, as interest-bearing tokens are appearing in the Solana ecosystem, our team thought LP Finance protocol will allow users to earn interst on deposit, and borrow interest-free, which will maximize efficiency on their investments. Following are the testing instructions.

  • Get Tokens using Faucet
  • Deposit multiple collaterals
  • Borrow lpUSD and lpSOL
  • Repay with USDC (For lpUSD Loans)
  • Repay with SOL (For lpSOL Loans)
  • Deposit to Auction Pool
  • Check System Dashboard
Additional Information

Website: LP Finance Stablecoin Algorithm DeFi Strategies

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