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Project Description

Lulo is a receivables dex - it enables no-collateral, permissionless loans between trusted parties. Our product wraps receivables and allows them to trade openly on a DEX. By merging accounting, payment, and terms into a single data structure on-chain we can deliver a 10x experience for the receivables credit market.

Additional Information

Currently we have a no-collateral P2P lending product. It is permissionless and based on wallet address rather than identity. We are currently working on a permissioned model using Civic. But, we would like to push the boundaries on what is possible with "address" based identity. We have started on Receivables since this market has a significant amount of pain points today. However, it is clear that we can enable other permissionless, no-collateral lending to occur. We think this is a big gap in the Solana ecosystem at the moment. We are working on:

  • Generalizing the lending contract
  • Making it completely self serve
  • Reputation via usage
  • Permissioned optional protocol design ITS EXCITING :D
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