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Project Description

We are making Blockchain accessibe to everyone by making a simple UI, taking care of the technical aspect of blockchain for people. We are the decentralised NFT, Gaming and Social media wallet where you connect in 1 clock usinng gmail, facebook, discord and such on! We have scaffoled a website to allow you to have a try of the Proof of concept: 1/ Login using your Gmail 2/ Create a new wallet on Solana 3/ Refresh the page 4/ Click on the public Key to copy it 5/ Go to "" and airdrop yourself some solana 6/ Click on your image Top right to add MFA 7/ Open Google Authenticator and scan the code 8/ Enter the temporary code on OneAuth website Your account is funded and secure 9/ Create a 2nd account and copy the public key by clicking on the PublicKey 10/ Click on send with your 1st account 11/ enter the destination (we are working on using mail in order to send but still in prod) 12/ select the amount 13/ click on send 14/ enter your Google Authenticator code 15/ click on verify You have sent a transaction Share with us on twitter and tag @OneAuth_Wallet

Additional Information We are launching in 6 weeks!

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