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PocketPay Finance

Project Description

Its a Solana based mobile wallet available on devnet with Android and iOS with SolanaPay integrated. But we can't just describe it as wallet because we're building a infrastructure for SolanaPay so that it can be widely adopted by the users, offline merchants and online eCommerce store. Links Devnet: Devnet Android APK - https://pocketpay.finance/docs/pocketpay_v1.37.apk Devnet iOS TetsFlight - https://testflight.apple.com/join/gWeiWOPS SolanaPay Guide - https://medium.com/pocketpay/solanapay-pocketpay-devnet-test-guide-56ad456a4b6 Available features with devnet Complete integration of SolanaPay Multiple wallet support (create / import) SOL / SPL transaction Mint custom token support NFT Collectible DAPP and news sections Hide assets in swipe Dark / Light mode Our vision is to spread awareness about decentralized payments among crypto and non-crypto users. We are building an infrastructure and use cases for SolanaPay to be utilized by merchants and decentralized eCommerce. Infrastructure for offline merchant Our main focus is to develop ease of access infrastructure for the SolanaPay. We are developing dedicated reporting pages where SolanaPay transactions can be tracked in the BI reporting structure. Reporting will help merchants make a marketing strategy and maintain best-selling products stocks. We'll have dedicated pages for businesses to create a merchant account, generate the QR code, and put it on the retail shop. Once users make payments using SolanaPay from PocketPay, all the transaction information will be tracked and can be used for future reference.

SolanaPay Payment solution for online merchants We're building a separate secure payment gateway page that will act as a mediator service page between the merchant, SolanaPay, and Solana Blockchain to make the transaction. We'll be offering API access to merchants to easily integrate the SolanaPay into their website with a call-back URL. Once we develop the secure payment gateway, we'll develop plugins/connectors for the well-known eCommerce platform, e.g., Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce. For online merchants who have eCommerce websites to sell their products and are interested in integrating the SolanaPay into their website as a payment method. Using the connectors, they can utilize our payment gateway and integrate it with their eCommerce store to solve the tedious process of integrating SolanaPay directly into the platform. Infrastructure for ecommerce Startups PocketPay is building an infrastructure for eCommerce startups with innovative products (merchandise/software) but does not have any "ready to go marketing strategy," lacking community or budget. We'll help them launch under our startup launch program by giving them decentralized payment options as SolanaPay. We'll be launching eCommerce startups in India involving an offline screening process. We have the APAC region in plans later.

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https://pocketpay.finance https://medium.com/@pocketpay https://twitter.com/PocketPayFin

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