Project Description

Pogbet is a livestreamer betting platform powered by Solana. In addition to giving streamers across Twitch and YouTube the power to let their viewers bet, Pogbet is also building powerful tools in conjunction with Cardinal Labs in the form of non-tradeable subscription badge NFTs that unlock gated digital communities in which streamers can sell exclusive merchandise, host virtual events, and reward their longest-standing fans. Pogbet is also currently building a donation tool with Matt Deco's open source vending machine powered by Solana Pay. Viewers donate to the streamer using a QR code on screen, and if the donation is above a certain value, they'll receive an NFT. It could be anything from a digital trading card to a free hoodie, or even in-app betting credit. And lastly, all the betting profit is split with the streamers, serving as a substantial extra source of income. Thanks to Solana's ultra-low fee structure, Pogbet was able to increase streamers' pay by ~25% compared to legacy payment methods we've tried (fiat and BTC).

Additional Information

pogbet.gg, beta.pogbet.gg (this is where our live beta events are held on Friday evenings PST)

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