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Saifu Wallet

Saifu Wallet

Project Description

Saifu is a fresh take on a desktop wallet, targeted towards power users and professionals. Our wallet is fully extensible with extensions and plugins that allow adding of additional functionality and integrations. We created Saifu to fill in the problem that most wallets are geared towards casual users, but don't consider the use-cases of people that interact with DeFi and web3 on a daily basis. Saifu is also built in a modular way to allow individual users to customize it based on what they care the most about, be in NFTs, yield farming, lending or something else. Post-release, we will be adding more functionality and integrations for services on the Solana ecosystem. I hope you enjoy the video. Testing instructions: Since we're not released yet, yarn install and yarn start will created a build that is loadable into chrome as unpacked extension.

Additional Information

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