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Secure Portable File (SPF)

Secure Portable File (SPF)

Project Description

Project Description SPF is a file type on the blockchain generated by converting digital books to NFTs. This protects authors against piracy because the books are made secure, and also ensures that writers get the full reward for every single person that reads their book on the internet. Why we built it? We are avid readers of books and we have a number of authors that we love. Recently, we noticed that we have rarely paid for any of the works we read as we got most of these books from illegal websites. We felt guilt over this and thought, what if we found a way to make books very affordable for us by being able to pay as we read, and also convert most of these illegal websites to legitimate distributors? That sounded like something that would benefit the authors and that’s why we embarked on this project. Testing Instruction

  • Clone the Backend repo from
  • Set it up by running "npm Install" to install modules, and "npm run dev" to start development server on port 3000.
  • Send a post request to "localhost:3000/test/media/purchase_time/:time", :time is the amount of access time in minute you want to purchase. This request will respond with a downloadable SPF file. This file is generated from a sample PDF file on the repo.
  • Clone the frontend repo at, run "yarn install" to install all dependencies, then run "yarn serve" to start developement server on port 8080.
  • You can upload the SPF file you downloaded earlier and read its content.
  • At this time of writing, the time limit will not be enforced as this part of the project is still a work in progress. We hope to have completed it before you attempt this testing. Cheers!
Additional Information

The article below addresses the problem we are solving.

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