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Project Description

Sidechain is an NFT ticketing and rewards platform on the Solana blockchain. We're building a vertical ticketing participant-owned marketplace and DAO that allows participants (organizers, artists, users, vendors) to better communicate, make changes to the network, and be rewarded with tokens. The mission is to gamify user experience to have them attending and buying more tickets, while helping artists and organizers better understand their users, receive royalties, and deliver trustless transactions. We built it because we are avid music festival and concert attendees who hate the current ticketing journey. As part of the Sidechain offering, we are releasing our own Stargate NFT. Mint proceeds build an exclusive IRL bar for Web3 communities to safely meet and grab drinks. Stargate NFT holders also receive exclusive membership benefits to Sidechain such as fee-less transactions, priority access to tickets, status, ticket upgrades, and more.

Additional Information

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