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Soda Protocol

Soda Protocol

Project Description

Soda Protocol Project Overview:

  1. Soda Fi: A DeFi platform that provides services including lending, leveraged trading and under-collateralized loan for the ecosystem. The leverage part is powered by Soda Lending. The swap process is powered by Raydium and Orca. By reusing their relatively sufficient liquidity in the market, we are able to make the price impact as low as possible.
  2. Soda ID: Establish financial identities for users through deep analysis of the on-chain data, and provide data support of refinement operations for various projects.
  3. Soda Maze: Provides users with privacy protection through ZK-SNARK which allows for anonymous withdrawals. Why we built it: We build our project in order to Improve the capital efficiency of solana ecosystem and establish an on-chain credit system through on-chain data parsing. Testing instructions:
Additional Information

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