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Solana Multisend / Airdropper

Solana Multisend / Airdropper

Project Description

The solana multisend allows a no code distribution system / dapp of SPL tokens, NFT and soon SOL to multiple addresses in one set up. This allows users and project owners who has no or very little knowlege of coding to be able to send their assets (SPL tokens and NFTs) to their community in a faster and more efficient manner. The multisend has been instrumental in distributing to thousand and thousands of wallets as NFT projects distribute their whitelist SPL tokens to the community. SPL token distribution has also been a popular use case as projects distribute their tokens to their community members who participated in their private sale or IDO. Our next iterations of the multisend will come out in about 2 weeks with an improved UI as well as including the multisend of SOL native tokens.

Additional Information

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