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Sold It

Sold It

Project Description

Sold It Description: Ecommerce platform, in Web3, powered by Solana Pay and web3auth. Sold It is a platform that allows merchants to set up an online store and sell their physical products in minutes, with payments powered by Solana Pay and a variety of additional web3 marketing add-ons. This is designed to be a composable and scalable solution, with minimal barriers to entry to ensure that anyone can launch their own website store selling their products and accepting payments via Solana Pay in a matter of minutes. Features: Drag and Drop Storefront Website Builder No design or programming skills needed Drive Customer Loyalty Through NFTs and Custom Tokens Drive remarketing, community and engagement by minting custom NFTs of your products for your customers Generate your own brand token on the Solana blockchain for customer reward programs Measure Performance Through Integrated Analytics Embedded sales and order management platform Own The Value You Create Earn $SOLD tokens in proportion to your revenue, giving you a share in Sold It’s platform revenue Built on the Fastest, Cheapest Blockchain Save on transaction costs using Solana’s lightening fast, cheap network Bankless No bank account required, just a Solana wallet. Testing Instructions To test the storefront UI for a demo store we have created, follow the following steps: Customer side Go to Make sure you logged in to a Solana wallet on devnet and that you have some SOL on devnet in your wallet. Connect your wallet in the app Click the “Claim tokens” button - you should receive 1,000 tokens of the SPL token that you will be charged to make a purchase on the demo storefront website. Next, go to: (the demo storefront website) Here you can play around, make a product purchase, enter your shipping details, see open orders for your account and so on (again making sure you are connected on devnet and have SOL in your wallet as well as the SPL token that you received from the faucet in step 4). You can see how this all works in the product demo videos included in the Pitch Deck. Admin side (store owner backend tools) To access the admin side to create a new store, create new products, see open orders for a created store and so on, at the moment you will need to be granted access on our end by sending us a wallet you would like to log in from. If you wish to test out the admin tools for store owners, please get in touch to set this up (email to or telegram to @wallypues). Otherwise, all functionality of the admin tools can be seen in the product demo videos included in the Pitch Deck. Again, please get in touch with us if there are any further questions or you wish to do any more testing.

Additional Information

Business plan: A few quick notes on the general business plan. We have made a strategic partnership with the Nova Launch team to be able to ensure the best scalability experience possible for our future users. The ideal plan for the future is to partner with an existing E-commerce platform in order to implement our web3 technology on top of a seamlessly performing platform. We are in discussions with BigCommerce to make this a reality, in order to accelerate the adoption of Solana Pay and other web3 innovations to the traditional E-commerce experience. For the purposes of the Riptide Hackathon, we created a complete build of how the E-commerce platform with web3 technology could look like, however we hope that we could scale much quicker with strategic partnerships. Regardless of the result of our discussions with BigCommerce and other E-commerce platforms, we will be pushing forward with this idea as an option for all customers on the Nova Launch program. We consider focusing on a niche community as the most prudent way to start to bring this tool to the wider community. With this in mind, onboarding NFT collections that wish to create their own merchandise stores is a perfect place to start in order to get feedback on how the platform performs in a live environment, before scaling the platform to be available to all merchants regardless of industry. Additional links: Twitter: Website:

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