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Project Description is the first portfolio tracker tool built on the Solana Ecosystem. The app was built as a collaboration between Solluminati and Harmy ( , a developer we met in our early days in the Solana Ecosystem. By the community, for the community, with 2 Solana main developers united: Harmy and Cesien (, from Solluminati team) Solfolio allows you to search for any wallet address, and see within an instant:

  • All NFTs held by that user
  • Purchase price of the NFT in USD and SOL, USD value is calculated on the SOL price on the date of purchase, all clearly shown in the UI.
  • Floor price for each NFT displayed clearly with the USD value of todays date.
  • Estimated value (WIP) - currently shows the price for the highest attribute floor price
  • Ability to click into each NFT and view all traits and floor price for each trait (epic, I know)
  • Profit and loss in both USD and SOL shown using purchase price against estimated value
  • Ability to edit purchase price and estimated value for PRO users.
  • A clear summary of your wallet including SOL balance, total NFT count, total floor value and total estimated value Testing it is very simple. Enter and enter a wallet. v2 will include profile creation and portfolio management, including multiple wallets adding.
Additional Information The FE github is here -

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