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SoundWave Music Royalties

SoundWave Music Royalties

Project Description

In the NBA industry, basketball players make 50% of the revenue but in the music industry, musicians make only 12% of revenue. With music streaming, Spotify has 8 million artists but only 13,000 artists made at least $50k in 2020 at a rate of $3,700/1 million streams. Everyone in the world listens to music, but the global music industry size is tiny at $21B (Gaming $152B, Box Office $42B). Fans can't own a song to show support on streaming platforms and demand curve economics does not support the idea of “100 true fans” or “1,000 true fans”. Bridge the gap between technology and the real world by connecting artists to fans with blockchain technology. Market segmentation is small independent artists who do not get paid with a long tail distribution. Soundwave brings the next wave of artists, musicians, and creators into crypto. Solana proof of history royalties decentralized platform for producing, buying, selling, listening, and managing music. Artist can sell royalty ownership in songs for fans to invest in, and they get exclusive fan content. The future of music is a shared economy where artists & fans can co-own music together. Soundwave opens the door for artists to retain independence and creative control as fans fuel their careers. Anyone to own a piece of their favourite songs to earn royalties alongside the artist with transparent, immutable, and verifiable music royalties that only execute when all parties fulfill requirements. Connect to Solfare, Solite, or Phantom Wallet and buy $WAV token represents a % of the royalties. Musicians remain the owner of their music and are entitled to collect any royalties with automatic split payments for collaborators. A license for non-commercial use of the the digital art associated with the token with any additional perks. When the artist succeeds, fans can claim royalties for the music they own after they have accrued. Streamline licensing process with easy payments to artists See tiered royalty splits title, composer, publisher, and duration with “Money Legos” Discover, support, and invest in new artists DEX sampling to buy and sell beats Insurance for each license transaction reducing litigation risk All rights are included so artists never worry about royalty fees again Prevent illegal music downloads with verifiable delay function to 256 mining algorithm clock ticks every 400 seconds ‘Multi-Threaded’ Solana Incentive-aligned network of node operators prepared for 500,000+ users Apply for cash advances, real-time streaming payouts, and split royalties with co-collaborators Larger profits & lower operating expenses with digitalized music cue sheets

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