Wasmium Mail

Wasmium Mail

Project Description

WasmiumMail is a project aimed at creating a decentralized end-to-end encrypted email server and client. It also aims to support classic email protocols like IMAP. It uses a Solana Program Derived Address as the Public Key Infrastructure and exchange of Diffie-Hellman Public keys. This will enable a psuedonymous email service where only a username and Solana Ed25519 Public Key is required to identify a user. Being decentralized will guarantee less downtime and censorship resistance. To run the demo, follow the instruction on the README.md file of https://github.com/wasmium/riptide-demo

Additional Information

Thanks to Solana, this project was dormant due to existing Web2 end-to-end email services. Solana's high TPS is the perfect fit for this project to enable fast and secure email in a decentralized, trustless way. Unlike web2 where servers can be easily compromised, Solana allows a trustless Public Key infrastructure solution. This is an ongoing project beyond the hackathon, keep an eye on the Github page for updates. Upcoming features include smart inboxes, triggers from oracles like chainlink to send automated emails or replys when activities happen on the DeFi space, support for email based web3 authentication, DeFi enterprise support, management of DAOs using WasmiumMail as the authentication service, multi-sig capabilities and DeFi mini-apps integration.

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