Project Description

Wurklo allows you to create projects that you are interested in. You can hire people or get hired. You can collaborate with a team or create your own passion project. Additionally, you will be able to hire help immediately like uber fast and pay using WURK token. Then be able to exit in native currency. I wanted to build Wurklo because I have always wanted to try to see if I am good at other things but it was hard to do this with a full time job. So this allows people like me to perform sidework to see if an interest is something you want to do. Crypto helps by providing global payments that are cheap to perform. Another issue that we aim to solve is getting someone to your house immediately in the event of say a pipe bursting and you need a plumber in ASAP. There would be a local that is performing sidework who could respond to that. Ultimately, I would love to see the entire employment process transformed so that everyone uses the app to perform work, get paid, taxes, insurance, and more. I would even like to add in business tools like the demand curve at some point to help wurkers charge the best price for their services. Right now, I am the only person on my team. I had another guy helping code the backend but he is busy with school so I have had to take over all coding. My girlfriend helps with social media, and I have 4+ moderators in our chats. I am also in a collaboration called Soliance with several other Solana projects.

Additional Information

I will be finishing our test app in next two weeks and will add in WURK token for payment processing in 4 weeks if I can get it done that fast. Right now the app is built on expo using react-native MERN stack. So if you want to run the app will have to git clone , npm i on the backend, yarn on front end, then expo start. But I should have a working beta to test on app stores or something you can test by then. You can also look at the prototype we built using xd from our website. I have the app working with mongodb which pulls the basic wurkers and projects into the app right now. I wasn't going to enter this hackathon at first because the app isn't ready but why not I guess. Also, I was a registered nurse for last 5 years, self taught programmer. I worked 2 years 60+ hours a week to save money and have quit my job to do this full time. I have been learning to code for 2 years and have taken a bootcamp too. I could really use some help making this thing a reality, so if this hackathon helps that would be great. Thanks

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