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Welcome home, Rust developers. Solana is the perfect place to learn about the future of Rust in the blockchain world.

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Solana for Rust Developers

Solana is the most performant blockchain in the world — and Rust is what makes it possible. From parallelized transaction processing to easy debugging and scalability, Rust’s innovations are at the very core of what Solana does best.

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Ignition: A Global Solana Hackathon.

It’s time for the future to take off. Join the hackathon with $5 million in prizes and seed funding across four tracks: DeFi (decentralized finance), gaming, Web3, and art and collectables. What will you build?

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Rust Jobs

The Solana Ecosystem is exploding and the demand for fulltime Rust developers is at an all-time high. Join the most exciting thing in crypto. Find your opportunity below.

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Systems Engineer


Reliability Engineer


Rust Engineer


Smart Contract Engineer

Rust Smart Contract Auditing

Help the ecosystem out! With so many programs being built on the blockchain there is a huge need for audits to make sure programs are safe.

Share your knowledge, join the community, and improve the space.

If you’d like to perform an audit as a contractor, contact Solana Labs.

Want to help out in the future? Keep in touch.