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Solana Ecosystem Brings 'Artist in Residence' to Miami
Art Basel Miami Beach

Solana Ecosystem Brings 'Artist in Residence' to Miami

The Solana art world will be making its debut at the leading international art fair, with artists creating works live in a special exhibition.

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Don’t keep your users waiting. Solana has block times of 400 milliseconds — and as hardware gets faster, so will the network.

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The Solana network is validated by thousands of nodes that operate independently of each other, ensuring your data remains secure and censorship resistant.

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Get big, quick. Solana is made to handle thousands of transactions per second, and fees for both developers and users remain less than $0.0025.

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Solana’s proof of stake network and other innovations minimize its impact on the environment. Each Solana transaction uses about the same energy as a few Google searches.

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