Art Basel Miami Beach | December 6 - 10

Creative talent thrives on Solana.

Global. Authentic. Scalable. Artists on Solana join a worldwide community and experience higher revenue retention, while collectors are introduced to emerging talent and receive unquestionable proof of ownership with each acquired piece. The art world experienced it firsthand at Art Basel Miami Beach.

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The Solana Community Exhibition

Artists in Residence: A Live Studio Concept at Art Basel Miami Beach

In a first-of-its kind experience, three Solana artists demonstrated what it means to make art onchain. Each artist hosted a live studio on site at Art Basel to showcase how they blend digital inspiration with traditional mediums and reshape artist-patron dynamics.


Blurring the boundaries of the physical and digital art worlds, Jean-Jacques Duclaux (Eko33) uses custom software and a spectrum of coding languages to transform physical sketches into beautiful, coded artworks. His unique creative process and the work it generates has found critical acclaim around the world.

Eko33’s residency reflects his process at every step: blending interactive data capture, patron participation, and his artistic instinct. Attendees co-created generative artwork in Eko33’s studio, and discovered how Solana has become a proven creative collaborator for the artist.

Lisanne Haack

A gifted visual abstract painter, Lisanne Haack brings her abstract expressionist paintings to another level by incorporating technology like VR and AI into her work.

This amalgamation of the traditional and digital has found a welcome home on Solana.

Visitors to her colorful studio witnessed the process of moving large-scale paintings from digital canvases to physical canvases and back again.


Sleepr asks the art world to question the role of the artist in their work. The enigmatic and anonymous artist blends the aesthetics of complex hallucinations with coded artwork to connect with audiences on a more authentic level, free from the burden of identity.

Sleepr’s studio tested the possibility and power of connection. Visitors were invited to watch the creation of limited-edition works and communicate with the anonymous artist directly from the show floor via phone.

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Minting your digital artwork on Solana is the best way to tap into new collector and fan audiences, marketplaces, and avenues to monetize and own your work. On Solana, artists can focus on their creative process rather than be distracted by complex technical instructions or burdened by high minting costs.

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Digital art on Solana celebrates the full breadth of textures and mediums that real-world artists use to create. Here’s a glimpse of the pieces by talented artists from around the globe that were featured at the Solana exhibition at Art Basel Miami Beach

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