When it comes to blockchain, the thing people talk about most — the price — is actually the least interesting part. Crypto conversations are too often about who’s up and who’s down, what to buy and what to sell, and today’s drama on Twitter. Most conversations about crypto miss how it’s going to change ... everything. On VALIDATED, we’ll be talking to the people who are rethinking the internet — and our world. No hype cycles. No financial advice. Just conversations on the biggest ideas shaping the future of the internet. Web3 is complicated, but never boring.

Recent Episodes

The Long-Term Vision for the DA Layer w/ Connor O'Hara (Celestia)

In this episode, Austin chats with Connor O'Hara (Celestia) about the scope of DA projects like Celestia. After a reflective discussion on a wide range of topics from the early days of Bitcoin to tradeoffs of proof-of-stake networks, ...

| 57:15 | E78

The Restaking Thesis w/ Sreeram Kannan (Eigen Labs)

In this episode, Austin chats with Sreeram Kannan (Eigen Labs) about EigenLayer's vision for restaking. Sreeram argues that restaking is merely a way of making proof-of-stake networks more programmable, addressing the economic and ...

| 63:49

Level Up. Go Crankless. w/ Jarry Xiao (Phoenix)

In this episode, Austin chats with Jarry Xiao from Ellipsis Labs about Phoenix, the fastest on-chain orderbook on Solana. They explore Phoenix's innovative design, which enables settlement without the need for asynchronous cranks, ...

| 43:24

Rethinking Solana's Validator Client Paradigm w/ Ahmad Abbasi (Syndica)

In this episode, Austin talks with Ahmad Abbasi (Syndica) about Sig, a new Solana validator client built in Zig. Unlike other Solana validator clients, Sig is optimized for reads as opposed to writes. Ahmad unpacks the seemingly ...

| 28:57

What Solana Unlocks for GameFi's Backend w/ Albert Chen (Genopets)

Web3 gaming is one of the oldest proposed use cases for blockchain. In this episode, Austin chats with Albert Chen (Genopets) about the state of web3 games on Solana and beyond. They dive into Genopets, exploring its gameplay, its web3 ...

| 29:03