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A Decentralized Collective Memory with Sam Williams

Permanent information storage is not just a means of preserving data, but a powerful tool to fight back against authoritarian regimes. According to Sam Williams, co-founder of Arweave, immutable storage systems can play a part in making ...

| 48:14

How Crypto Journalism Actually Happens with Danny Nelson

Being a crypto journalist - a good crypto journalist - is hard work. When it comes to reporting, no other sector requires the same level of technical proficiency, an understanding of financial markets, and a primer in digital ...

| 51:43

What Keeps a Crypto OG Hopeful? with Ryan Selkis

Ryan Selkis, founder of Messari, has been a crypto investor, writer, and advocate since 2013. As someone who has witnessed multiple market cycles firsthand, Ryan is as optimistic as ever about the future of blockchain. Throughout this ...

| 43:32

Introducing Validated (Trailer)

Introducing Validated, a new podcast where host Austin Federa talks to people who are rethinking the internet — and our world. No hype cycles. No financial advice. Just conversations on the biggest ideas shaping the future of the internet.

| 01:09

Highlights from Breakpoint 2022 - Ep 77

In this final episode live from Breakpoint 2022, we highlight three of our favorite short talks. In "Web3 School in Sierra Leone," Colin Ogoo (Solana) describes his recent efforts to bring Web3 and the Solana network to students in West ...

| 39:54 | E77

NFTs for All - Ep 76

Solana is paving the way for mass adoption of NFTs. In this panel discussion live from Breakpoint 2022, Matthew Stotts (Holaplex) leads a discussion with top entrepreneurs in the space about what the future holds for the scalability of ...

| 19:11 | E76

Are Wallets Entering the 'Browser Wars' Era? - Ep 75

In this live panel from Breakpoint 2022, Sarah Kopit (The Block) explores the similarities and differences between the browser wars of the 1990's and the crypto wallet market today. Panelists include Brian Friel (Phantom),Filip ...

| 29:34 | E75

The Case for Tokenized Carbon - Ep 74

Is tokenized carbon a massive business opportunity? In the final episode of our series on climate change, Ethan Daly and Emma Sokoloff explain Shine Capital's ReFi investment thesis and elucidate the broader ReFi market.

| 33:38 | E74

Can Blockchain Fix Carbon Markets? - Ep #73

Matthew Stotts (Cerulean Ventures) and Brendan O'Connell (Patch) explore how blockchain technology is revolutionizing the historical inefficiencies of carbon markets.This episode is part of a 3-part series that examines the climate ...

| 35:25 | E73

Greenpeace and Greener Crypto - Ep #72

Rolf Skar (Special Projects Manager, Greenpeace USA) and Daniel Hwang (Co-founder, Validator Commons and BICOWG) discuss the intersection of climate change and crypto, particularly Greenpeace's Change the Code campaign. This episode is ...

| 32:54 | E72

Amir Haleem - CEO, Nova Labs & Founder, Helium Ep #71

Amir Haleem (CEO, Nova Labs & Founder, Helium) talks with Austin about the Helium story and the current proposal to move Helium to the Solana blockchain. 0:00 - Introduction 1:05 - Origins of the Helium network 5:24 - Early challenges ...

| 46:08 | E71

Jason Keats - Founder & Chief Hooligan, OSOM Ep #70

Anatoly welcomes Jason Keats (Founder & Chief Hooligan, OSOM) to the podcast to talk about his epic career building hardware, the Solana Saga phone and all things mobile and web3. Pre-order the Saga now at 00:09 - ...

| 36:34 | E70

Sid Powell - CEO & Co-Founder, Maple Finance Ep #69

Sid Powell is the CEO & Co-Founder of Maple Finance. Maple is transforming capital markets through technology and count traditional finance and crypto-native firms as customers. Joe McCann guest hosts. 00:35 - What is Maple? ...

| 42:22 | E69

Strata Protocol & Metaplex Ep #68

Noah Prince (Co-Founder/ CEO, Strata Protocol) and Austin Adams (Lead Protocol Dev, Metaplex Studios) sit down with Austin Federa to discuss the integration of Strata's Dynamic Pricing Mint tool into the Metaplex Program Library. ...

| 37:27 | E68

Brett Harrison - President, FTX.US Ep #67

Brett Harrison is the President of FTX US, a US-regulated cryptocurrency exchange. Prior to joining FTX US, Brett was Head of Semi-Systematic Technology at Citadel Securities, where he managed technology for the firm’s Options, ETF, ...

| 40:23 | E67